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Insane Pass at Laguna Seca This Weekend

A wonderful tribute to "The Pass" from 1996

4y ago

The IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship race took place at Laguna Seca this weekend, and spectators were treated to one of the ballsiest passes ever seen. This pass would have been awesome on any stretch of track, but the fact that it happened on The Corkscrew makes driver Renger Van Der Zande a legend.

Picture this: Van Der Zande in his #90 Visit Florida Racing Lieger approaches Dane Cameron's #31 Action Express Racing Cadillac from behind as they both come to The Corkscrew. With the end of the race in his sights, Van Der Zande decides to go for it, passing to the inside of Cameron at The Corkscrew's first turn, a blind, downhill left.

Van Der Zande came THIS close to hitting both Cameron and the tire wall, but somehow made it through unscathed. The win marks the Visit Florida Racing team's first win of the year and Van Der Zande's first overall win in the series.

What's insane to me about this pass is that The Corkscrew instills fear in me even in a digital setting. Whenever I'm playing something like Forza and I know I'm coming up on The Corkscrew, I always chicken out and end up making a huge mess of things. It's not only the blind sharp left, it's the blind DOWNHILL sharp left that gets me. I can't even imagine how it is in real life.


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Comments (4)

  • The pass occurs at about 17:15 on the video for anyone looking to skip ahead.

      4 years ago
  • I'm an American. I have a short attention span. Don't tell me about this awesome pass, then make me sit through 17 minutes of video. Editing people... Editing.

      4 years ago
  • I did a ride-along at Laguna Seca in August after the historics event in an MX-5 cup car and I can assure you, the first time down the corkscrew there was definitely some puckering of orifices. After that, it's not so bad. But this pass is nuts.

      4 years ago