Insane Skill & Sound - 500Hp/9.000Rpm BMW 330Ci On The Limit on Lebanese Streets

A Masterclass of RWD driving by Michel Feghali at Wadi Chahrour

Michel Feghali, brother of Roger Feghali who we featured a couple weeks ago in his incredible Evo, won the RWD Class at Wadi Chahrour in spectacular fashion at the wheel of his BMW 330Ci tuned by Motortune.

Powered by a highly tuned de-stroked S54 Naturally Aspirated unit capable of over 500Hp/9.000Rpm, delivering a tremendous soundtrack all while propelling this 1000Kg RWD Coupé to its victory and giving it the kind of handling/attitude that is so rare to witness nowadays in contemporary Motorsports, where Turbocharging and Electric Assists reign supreme.

It is a spectacular machine with a great history, where we will probably post an older video of it given its incredible curriculum, but for now let´s enjoy that such a great driver like Mr. Feghali still races such a purist car in this manner.

This is a clip only possible through our collaboration with MMS-Racing. To check some of the best Motorsport clips from Lebanon, visit them right here »»»

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  • lovely stuff

      2 days ago
  • Guess the bloke on the left at 2;20 is a resident and not a fan.

      2 days ago