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jan øivind ruud is one of the best in one of the best racing series in the world: gatebil extreme. and his one of very few.

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All photos by Dave Cox. Feature owned by Gatebil/Autofil. Written by Kaj Alver.

Imagine this for a second: Some of these cars are actually road-leagal. The Stealths are built in England by a small company, that later was acuired by a Polish company. This particular car, was intially a Stealth B6- ready to be developed into the next generation: The B7.

Jan Øivinds car was one of eight cars built. Three of the eight, was built for road use. Imagine that. All other cars would pale by comparison on the highway. In the line of a McDonalds drive-through, not so much perhaps. But this car was never intended to be in a fastfood line. Just fast. Before Jan Øivind bought the car, it did several high prestige races such as Grand Am, and GT-1 series. This was a prototype, with the "big package", meaning everything was bigger. Bigger brakes, massive rollcage, and alot of safety-gadgets.

We made the car go on a massive diet. It weighed chains and wreckingballs, says Jan Øivind. Even though this was a dedicated race car when he got it, he has done a huge amount of work to get it how he feels is race-ready for the Gatebil Extreme series. Actually, on top of the hours the factory spent on it- he put in an additional 2500 manhours of labor.



Ever heard the expression: Thousands of horsepower in one place? Often said about an entire carshow. Well at the Gatebil Extreme series, that can be said too. But it will only cover the first row of cars in the startingfield. The amount of power on track here is un-imaginable. It's not uncommon to see cars here with 700 to 1000 bhp. And the drivers are not shy about using it all. And that's where things get tricky. Have you ever tried a car with 500 hp? It can get hairy real quick. At least if you don't have any electric device to save you from becoming more familiar with the scenery surrounding the track. Well, Jan Øivind has to rely on his skills. In this cockpit there is noe "save my ass when I run out of talent" gadgets or lights that light up like a christmastree when active. Nothing. Scratch. Zero. Jan Øivind calls it "pure 70's tech".

As you can see. This is the likes of what was used when the racingdrivers had a team of helpers to carry their man-fruit (yes, I am referring to the size of their balls). No High-Tech systems that cut off when the driver gets scared or talentless. Underneath the pictured fuel-slurper, we find a 6,4-litre NASCAR engine producing close to 700 hp and almost 800 Nm of torque, making the car capable of reaching a theoretical 370 km/t ( 299 mph)!

The entire body is made out of dry-carbonfibre, and built by Robin Jonasson from Elite Projects in Sweden. Some has been altered to give better downforce and slicing through air better, and the result seems to be very good. Jan Øivind, even though struggling to be as un-afraid as the car itself is, is doing great in the series, and constantly fighting for the top placements.



Jan Øivind Ruud

Why this?
One of a kind.
Time to build:
Ca 2500 hrs.

Stealth B7
Chevrolet 6.4 smallblock / Nascar.

693 hp / 790 NM

Alu block ¤ Billet steel crank ¤ H profil rods ¤ Forged pistons ¤ 18¤ Bowtie alu-heads with Jesel shaft ¤ Mechanic rollercam and retainers ¤ Titan valves ¤ Double valvesprings ¤ Drysump ¤ Singel plan inlet with Holly carb ¤ MSD distributor.

18-inch magnesium, senterbolt ¤ Dunlop LM tires.

AP racing 384mm front ¤ 355mm bak.

Race Dynamic (3 way).

Hewland sequential 6-speed gearbox ¤ GKN axles.

Full-race/carbonfibre + rollcage.

New aeropackage, wing, venturi, frontsplitter and color ¤ Full dry carbonfibre body.
Thanks to:
Thor Holthe ¤ Steffen Karlstad ¤ Jørn Hansen ¤ Kristine Lange Ruud ¤ Robin på ELITE PROSJEKTER AB ¤ Vegard Larsen ¤ John Chr. Solberg ¤ Andreas Solli på GKN drivline ¤ Henning Hotran ¤ Bjørn Ohme ¤ SPONSORER : BM Montasje ¤ CORIGO Entreprenør ¤ OSLO Lås Servise ¤ DRAMMEN LIFT ¤ Elektriker Gruppen AS ¤ Romerike AUTO ¤ Anders Ringstad Produkter ¤ Vegard Larsen ¤ GKN Drivline ¤ ELITE Projects.

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  • thanks Pietro! and yes it is a pretty amazing car !

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  • Amazing!

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