Inside a privateer GT-R Nismo GT3 team - Hobson Motorsport

The guys at Nulon Oils in Australia have an online show called "Born This Way" which looks at the stories behind cars and their owners. This episode was a little bit different, catching up with Brett and Laura Hobson from Hobson Motorsport to talk about the trials and tribulations of being a privateer racer.

Brett also talks about what it's like to drive the legendary Godzilla, with plenty of video to back it up.

They followed the car at a couple of test days so they could get up close and personal with the car and team.

If you love your GT-Rs and GT3 racing, our friends at Motive DVD have done some great coverage of the Hobson Motorsport team at their debut race, the Bathurst 12-hour, back in February. Another great look at the highs and lows of motorsport.

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