Inside the high stakes world of Tokyo's loop racers – The Roulettezoku

The story of the Tokyo street racers

Peter Smith posted in Jdm
2y ago

The Roulettezoku are the street racers that race around the inner city highway of Tokyo. The equivalent of racing around the bloody M25 around London!

Roulettezoku translates to "Roulette Tribe" which the Japanese police use to refer to the hashiriya or street races. They race around the C1 loop and Wangan line dicing between traffic in some of the coolest JDM machines you could possibly wish for.

This documentary by "The Drift Hunter" dives into their high stakes world where he goes to a famous car meet in Tokyo and manages to meet a member of the infamous 'No good racing' crew which makes for interesting watching!

The documentary maker has a real chance of this being turned into a series by the Discovery channel, so go into his YouTube comments and give him some love!

Here's the exciting documentary:

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  • Nah, how about somewhere that have the steering wheel on the left? Since Australia and UK, why not go the another "colony" and set it in Canada? Mountains to the West. rolling hills/wide open prairies in the middle, and scenic lakes/trees to the east

      2 years ago
  • Let's go Tokyo boi

      2 years ago