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Installing a GTS-style armrest delete on my BMW E92 M3

Mjunkee's GTS-style alcantara armrest delete drops some weight

3d ago

The BMW E92 M3 GTS was an instant classic. It features some of the rarest parts on the E9x chassis. Beyond the upgraded 4.4 liter V8 (up from the 4.0 liter standard V8), it featured unique matte black wheels, a clubsport rollbar, a unique front splitter, a unique to the GTS rear wing, and and an alcantara armrest delete.

That last item, the alcantara armrest delete, which is obviously the point of this article is a very expensive part for what it is. The OEM part I have seen go for $850 for basically a cover, but a certain ///M enthusiast feels you deserve a more cost affective option.

Known online simply as Mjunkee (aka Chris), Mjunkee creates just one thing, that very alcantara armrest delete, but for 1/4th the cost. I first became aware of Mjunkee's armrest delete after following automotive photographer Alex Bernstein's new time attack E92 M3. I saw an interior shot of his car and saw him mention and tag Mjunkee as the makers. As a lover of alcantara I had to have it! My steering wheel is alcantara, my emergency brake and the brake boot are alcantara, now this armrest was going to be too.

I ordered it and it arrived fast and in superb quality (so kudo's to Mjunkee/Chris!). With a newborn time in the garage is limited, so it sat for two weeks in the box until this past weekend where as you can tell by the video above I installed it.

My E92 M3 is well documented on the web, but I bought it used. It has some options checked I wouldn't have checked, but plenty of others I would have. One of the wouldn't have checked options was the phone dock/com box thing that hides in the arm rest and it became the bane of my existence on the day of the install.

Every guide online is great to show you how to uninstall the phone dock, but most of those guides are for base BMW 3-series. Those guides show easy disassembly of the phone dock, by unhooking the two cords which feed near the emergency brake. Apparently, BMW E9x M3s have a mysterious third cord that goes to the read of the vehicle.

I disassembled the rear vent area trying to track where this cord went, but I could not find it. I gave up and destroyed the phone dock to get it to a point where it was just this one cord and I could just tuck it back down into where the two other cords went.

As you can see by the video above it is very easy to install (as long as you don't have to deal with phone dock nonsense).

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