Intended to provoke thought rather than controversy...

but, of course, if you want to misinterpret or distort my words then I'm sure you will...

2y ago

Disability and overcoming adversity often go hand in hand, or at least they should. Kubica has shown fantastic resiliance, determination, courage and finally succeeded in returning to a race seat in F1. Well done him and well done Sir Frank for having the courage to give him this chance.

But, it is a BIG fluorescent dayglo flashing BUT: if F1 is so "easy" now that it can be raced one armed how can F1 claim it is the pinnacle of all Motorsport? If, in a year or two, Monger gets a drive then what message does that send? That the cars are driven increasingly from the pits and the driver just sits there as a token to reassure, as some train drivers do!

It's laudable that F1 has welcomed Kubica back but what message does that send out about the drivers, pits, cars now and in years to come?

F1 should primarily be about the driver wrestling the car through the corners, fighting oversteer with muscles bulging rather than increasingly about driver aids and pit lane assistance - shouldn't it?

With all drivers having to have a breather during the race to conserve fuel and tyres it is not as relentless and flat out as F1 racing was and should be now. Of course that's the same for all drivers - but without those breathers, within the race, could Kubica race flat out with the same steering assistance as the other drivers?

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  • Why can't it be that maybe Kubica actually proved himself capable compared to the other drivers Williams tried out?

    Also, if this is the decision that triggers your questioning the level of skill needed to gain an F1 drive; what about the kids like Russel and Norris, or Kvyatt getting seats. (I believe Russel anf Norris have earned a shot, however it's disingenuous to say Kubica being able to drive one-handed is paramount to blasphemy.) There are many factors that have made what it takes to get a seat seem to lessen the prestige of F1 (Stroll could arguably be another example)

    ); just seems a bit of nitpicking on a genuinely good comeback story and an odd decision to be a target of ire.

      2 years ago
  • Name the driver aids they've got at the moment. If you don't need any muscles to drive why are F1 drivers not skinny 50kg men? Kubica doesn't drive one handed since a long time anymore by the way.

      2 years ago
    • Power steering. Next time you see him drive look closely. He has admitted to driving one handed.

        2 years ago
    • Power steering is mostly there for aero reasons and it's hardly a driver aid anyway. I thought he stated recently that it's not like that anymore, but he does grip the steering wheel in a funny way.

        2 years ago