Inter-tribe Debate: Ferrari 812 Superfast or Aston Martin DBS Superleggera?

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When it comes to mobile phones, the market is saturated with options. That said, aside from one, you needn’t bother with any of them. That ‘one’, is the iPhone. Why? Because, to put it simply, it is the best. Many have tried to topple Apple’s crown-jewel but none have managed to replicate its simplistic-yet-ingenious brilliance.

Similarly, when it comes to grand tourers, there is only one marque you need to look at. Aston Martin. Others may make better sports cars, others more impressive racing vehicles, however, when it comes to grand tourers, none come close to matching the efforts of Aston Martin. As for the new DBS Superleggera, well, it’s the best of them all. Powerful yet restrained, aggressive yet ravishing, the DBS blends effortless performance with perennial British craftsmanship. It is the epitome of Aston Martin and the ultimate super grand tourer. End of argument.


Wrong. For one thing, Samsung doesn’t deliberately slow down their phones on you, which alone, makes them the better player.

And secondly, the new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera is absolutely stunning, I agree. But it’s simply not the greatest super-GT of our time. The Ferrari 812 Superfast is. It’s the precision instrument.

You can’t immerse yourself in the British-have-always-done-better-GT’s argument, because the Superleggera is not fighting in their territory. Yes, they did the DB4 GT Zagato, but that, I seem to recall, finished behind a Ferrari GTO. Whereas the Superfast can trace its lineage through the F12 and 599 and Testarossa, to the Daytona. Which is one of the greatest super-GTs ever.


Agreed. The DBS is a staggering piece of design. Far better than the 812, which has so many holes puncturing its face, looks for all the world like a mobile golf course. It is not a car you would want to park in your living room. The DBS is.

The 812 may indeed be the more precise driving tool, however, It doesn’t. turn. off. Mighty exciting for the first thirty minutes, though I suspect that you would soon grow tired of its ostentatious shouting and wish that it would shut up for a moment. The DBS, emphatically, won’t tire you out. Aston understands that a super-GT is supposed to have a bandwidth that extends beyond the realms of blood and thunder. Class and refinement are equally as relevant. That’s not to say the DBS is unexciting, it's more of what you want, more of the time.


No one ever looked at an F-14 Tomcat and wished it looked a little less sharp or aggressive or had less air channelling. Yes, I’ve often believed aero should hide behind art, but here’s the thing. The compromises made to physics make machines beautiful, in themselves.

And I’m hearing a lot of styling and comfort and easy-to-live-with rhetoric. If you want that, get a GT. It’s not like the Aston Martin Vantage is slow. But the whole idea of a super-GT is that it’s taking things up to the next level. It’s not for the fainthearted. It’s not for those who want to tune in and tune out of focussed performance. That understanding makes it possible for the 812 to have the world’s most powerful naturally-aspirated engine.


I beg to differ. The DBS may be quite comfortable loitering outside Harrods and navigating through peak-hour traffic, nonetheless, its greatest accomplishment lies in its ability to transport you and your spouse across continents at break-neck speeds in complete and utter luxury. Exhilarating AND refreshing in equal measure. That is what makes it super. That is the hallmark of a super-GT. You could argue that the DB11 and (to a lesser extent) the Vantage, already fill such a space, and you would be right. The DBS though is a cut above. That the 812 has the more impressive powertrain and produces a more intoxicating array of noises, matters not.

Power is futile. Class is timeless. And the DBS Superleggera is the consummate super-GT. All yours for AUD$517,000. $93,000 LESS than the $610,000 Italian.


Harrods? Peak-hour traffic? Price? The name Superleggera should be enough to dispel all this. GT’s are about being long-legged I grant, even in this ultimate dimension of focused performance, but sorry, the footballer image can’t come. And don’t talk about timeless. When the most prestigious maker, the Stradivarius, of high-performance cars and engines, makes their fastest and most powerful car yet, what could be more timeless? There is a lot of talk about how huge naturally-aspirated engines are a dying breed, and some are even saying that the 812 is the last of these thoroughbreds.

Perhaps it had to come to an end. Perhaps electrification is indeed the future of high-performance, the latest and necessary evolution in mobility. Perhaps we’re done with the internal combustion engine. If so, the 812 Superfast will stand as resounding evidence of just how far we took it.

Superfast or Superleggera? Which super-GT gets your vote?









I would like to extend a massive 'thank you' to John Coleman. Without him, this would not have been possible. Go spread some love and follow his tribe AT THE WHEEL.

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