Interlagos GP_Best to Worst

From 10 (best) to 1 (worst), let's give these kids crazy kids their grades

10_ Interlagos GP

Every f*****g thing happened. Entertaining, live and lively, amazing GP. Possibly the best GP we've seen this season even considering the fact that there really wasn't much at stake. Senna would be proud.

9_ Verstappen

He's next-gen. By far and away the most promising driver out there. He's barely old enough to drink in the US and he can't rent cars without paying the extra young driver fee but he already has 21 F1 podiums and 5 wins. It would've been 6, had it not been for Ocon.

8_ Hamilton

He's always been a quick driver but over the years he's also become relentless and clever. He seldom makes mistakes and manages to capitalize on other drivers' errors, winning his team the Constructors' title in the process.

7_ Raikkonen

He's still got it. You know him by now, you know he hates everything about racing (media, interviews, malarkey) except the race itself. And you know the sport is going to miss him when he retires. Let's hope it's later than sooner and let's enjoy his next races with Ferrari and Sauber.

6_ Bottas

He did what he had to do, when he had to do it. He never really shone but he never really failed either. Mercedes won everything this year, again, and credit where credit's due, he played his part.

5_ Vettel

He's consistently under-performed in the second part of the season, especially after Monza and especially after Kimi's situation was cleared. It's going to take more than that next year. And Leclerc is in for no Joe Biden, Andy Richter, Robin-type role.

4_ Renault

We need more, we want more. We wish they could do more because this is such an important name in automotive history. Please, Renault, do more.

3_ McLaren

Like Renault, but even worse than Renault because their results have been terrible for a few years now. And to think their road cars are so good right now.

2_ FIA

I hate conspiracy theories with all my heart and I'm a fan of Hamilton but still, the game probably deserves more clarity and perhaps new, clearer, binary rules. Oh, and the blue flag should've been easier to spot and waved earlier.

1_ Ocon

I like him a lot and he's a great driver but what he did was kinda stupid, yes, but more to the point illegal. Lapped drivers have to give way, the regulations say so.

Special Mention_ HAAS

Nobody talks about them. Nobody even remembers their name and yet they're in the top 10, once again, with one fifth (give or take) of Ferrari's budget

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Comments (5)

  • Still think the US GP was best this season.

    Anyone else think Vettel looked abit like James Bourne from Busted this weekend?

      3 years ago
  • What do you think about Verstappen pushing around Ocon after the race

      3 years ago
    • Many would tell you that we've seen it before, and we've seen worse. And that's true. But this isn't the 80s anymore, everything they do is multiplied tenfold by cameras and social media so in the end, what Verstappen did wasn't all that...

      Read more
        3 years ago