International Sim Racing Federation?!

2y ago


The International Sim Racing Federation has surfaced. It appears to be somewhat of an FIA for the Sim Racing world. I've applied for membership, because, why not? I figure I can always remove from it. But it does raise some important thoughts, questions and possibilities.

Primarily, is it required? I think a standardization of rules, at least as a template (Which is one of their suggestions) is a good call. It could enable much more cross-league participation because of the familiarity.

They also plan on running an annual Sim Racing World championship - But then arguments happen. Which sim, for a start. People get butthurt easy. Then there are already a few options out there - Like the iRacing one of the FSR one on rFactor 2. If you're going to have it, how do you make it the top dog?

There are many more things but, like I say, I signed pitlanes up. I'd rather be involved than wish we were. What do you guys think to all of this?