Interserie: A Highly Obscure Racing Series With Highly Obscure Cars.

Closed wheel F1 and Indycars and Group C cars racing together? What is this cursedness?

7w ago

There isn't much info I could find online, but with the info I already have at my disposal, but let's begin anyway. The series was created in 1970 by Gerhard Härle and had used the same Group 7 formula used by Can-am racing.

As the series progressed over time, open wheel cars were banned and that open wheel race cars from F1, Indycar, F3000, Etc. had come equipped with closed wheel bodywork, which resulted in cursed masterpieces.

Here are some examples.

Minardi M190

Penske PC-18 Indycar

Lola T92/50 F3000

Fondmetal FG01

yyyyeah..... Lets just move on... Not only did the series have closed wheel single seaters, but also Group C cars.

Here is some footage from 1996 featuring the series

Overall, Interserie is a very, very obscure racing series, with it showcasing some cars weirder than some of the weirdest race cars out there, such as the Chaparral 2J. Its also quite interesting once its looked into, seeing junior formula cars face off sports cars and F1 cars. It would possibly be a psychopathic madman's idea of a race in Gran Turismo, if you maybe want to put it that way.

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  • Great post! In racing community around Most circuit is this series very well rembered and loved.

      1 month ago
  • Rich big boys and their race car toys.

      1 month ago