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SOmetimes it's more than just photography, sometimes i have to talk to people and write down their words.

4y ago

It's good to be taken out of your comfort zone once in a while, right? Sure it is so when at 11pm an email arrives from the PR department of a team inviting me to come and interview the boss in less than 12 hours time then it's time to stand up.

I should probably set the scene a little here, I'm a photographer, I take pictures and maybe that's because I'm a little introverted and I like being slightly anonymous and to hide behind a camera. Unfortunately these days it's not always enough just to shoot so I also write a little, just basic race reports to compliment the pictures. I'm fine with this, often I don't have any idea what went on in the race because I was trackside and it's almost impossible to keep up with a race when you're shooting. Fortunately my editor isn't too demanding so I get a bit of time to find out what happened when I return to the media room and from other press reports which is usually sufficient to get by.

Interviewing someone however is a whole different level of angst. First you have to think up some questions and when you've thought of some you have to think of some more because you realise how inane your original set was. So with absolutely no time to prepare, it was after all 11pm and I was leaving for Silverstone at 7am, it was with some relief that I'd also been supplied with some suggested questions.

I like being slightly anonymous and to hide behind a camera.

Jurek Biegus
Kaspersky Motorsport chases Scuderia Praha.

Kaspersky Motorsport chases Scuderia Praha.

The team was Kaspersky Motorsport and they would be at Silverstone competing in the Blancpain Endurance Series and could I pop into the AF Corse hospitality area at around lunchtime to interview the boss, Alexander Moiseev. Of course I would be welcome to enjoy lunch courtesy of the team so what more motivation was required?

A free lunch is always a good motivator and despite my nerves it was thankfully a pretty easy interview. Mr Moiseev knew what he wanted to say and he rattled through his points in an eloquent and matter of fact way. He also answered my own inane questions without once letting on how rubbish they were. In all it took less than 20 minutes and I was left alone to enjoy a little more of Ferrari's fine hospitality. The only disappointment was the excellent quality of the Ferrari privacy glass which meant no one could see me being terribly important in the hospitality area.

Lunch was on Ferrari

Lunch was on Ferrari

For anyone really interested the full interview is available here: | | |

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  • Welcome boss.

      4 years ago
  • "Fortunately my editor isn't too demanding.." We can change that! ;)

      4 years ago