Mama always told me to be polite

4y ago

Introduction is always the right way to start a friendship. I am no Jeremy, Richard or James, so you probably do not know who I am (well you might if you are an E28 aficionado). Do not despair however, I am here to help your transition in. My name is Pavel, and I am a BMW enthusiast.

Join me for a wild ride in my Daily Vintage Rides tribe, where I will cover the life of a family man, who has a regular job, a fully functional family and an addiction with cars. My nostalgia for the past is so strong, that I prefer to ride in a daily driver that is usually older than me. Yeah, you can only imagine the look of all the kids, as I do the school run in the morning.

I do almost everything myself, so i do call myself a Do-It-Yourself guy. I promise i will not be posting about my en-devours with the household appliances. But you will hear a lot about my big and small projects related to my and my buddies' cars. Yeah, you thought I have no friends... right.

Hop on!


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  • Pavel! Let me know when you get this! You may have to reply twice. Things are a bit busy.

      4 years ago
  • Hey Pavel,

    Are you around?


      4 years ago
    • 24/7 service

        4 years ago
    • Wish I could do that!

      We are going to be running a promotion tomorrow for the award winners from last week to try and draw support into these tribes. I would like to post a picture somewhere on your tribe likely in comments. I just wanted to ask...

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        4 years ago
  • Great!

      4 years ago
  • @Sherman

    Unfortunately not. May is a relaxed month in general but Vintage happens to be the weekend that I'm helping my fiancee move to ATL.

      4 years ago
  • @Chris

    You down for some RTT fun come May?

      4 years ago