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These cars excite all sorts of gearheads, but my passion stems from an encounter with a specific rarity.

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This tribe applauds the oddities. The one-offs, two-offs and ten-offs. Cars that are ten times more unique than they are practical acquisitions.

When I was 11-years-old my dad worked in Beverly Hills and would tell me about the exotic car dealerships just down the street from his office. The motivation to create this tribe came from one car. I’d pester my dad to take me to various exotic dealerships whenever I had a day off of school, and on the days he did I would see some truly special cars. Ferrari Daytona Spider, Enzo, Carrera GT, Veyron Super Sport, Murcielago SV. But the military-grade matte grey paint of a Lamborghini Reventon threw me for a loop. I spent at least an hour just drinking it in, peeking through the narrow windows at its olive suede interior and gawping at its wheels’ carbon fins.

Photo courtesy of NetCarShow

Photo courtesy of NetCarShow

For those who don't know, only 10 Reventons were delivered to the United States, with a total of 20 shipped to wealthy individuals around the world willing to pay about $1.5 million for the F22-inspired supercar. I’d seen the car in video games and standing over it was overwhelming for my childish mind. To see such an expensive, striking shape, one that I never expected to see in person, was an experience I don't expect to forget anytime soon.

Some who read that last paragraph won’t understand how I felt. They’ll think I’m unusual for making such a big deal about seeing a specific automobile. But if you pose it as running into an A-list actor, a famous Olympian or your favorite band’s lead vocalist, non-gearheads may see the impact it can have on someone with a passion for the automotive industry.

These cars are the celebrities of the automotive world. The average person is lucky to stumble upon a couple of them in their entire life. These are the cars you find yourself driving in your best dreams (whipping a blue McLaren F1 around my high school’s parking lot stands out as a personal favorite). They inspire, wonder and impress. These cars show that auto manufacturers aren’t solely focused on profit and can have some fun from time to time.

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