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3w ago


Let's start with the name. The reason I've named my podcast Car Binds Unlimited, is first of all, it's about cars. Second of all, our passion for cars binds us together. Third, I've made so many friends on DT that's it's unlimited.

What I'm going to be doing on this podcast is a weekly show with different segments. I'm also going to be doing some miscellaneous gaming events that you'll have the chance to enter in for some miscellaneous prizes.

So for the segments, I have partnered with Hugo Taylor on his new series, Common Talks. For more information on that, go to his account and give him a follow. As for other ones, we'll be rotating some such as the news, car face conundrum, and more. Everything will be rotated every week to keep the podcast fresh. Each show will be 20 to 30 minutes long.

As for my two co-hosts, I'll be introducing them to the DriveTribe community later today. So go give our channel a sub and post your ideas for segments in the comments! Also, if you want to help out with anything, DM me.


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