Introducing Engine Economics

DriveTribe hasn't had a place for everything money and business in automotive, until now.

38w ago

I'm a bit of a jack of all trades in business. With undergrads in commerce and business information systems and a major in marketing? I've been a manager, a marketer, a designer, a managing director, a board member, a writer and most recently an active trader. Having been a long time member of the DriveTribe community and of the creator's program there's a niche that has long been called for but yet to be filled, until today.

Engine Economics is my gift to the DriveTribe community. I'm here to help you make money on all things automotive. Whether that be through marketing, shares, commodities or just general business, I'm here to give you first-hand experience and expert advice.

Engine Economics will have something for all levels of expertise in business. From the basics of trading? To an analysis of Tesla stocks. From advertising reviews? To model launch news. From automotive finance news? To the next big automotive IPO.

So if you want to get involved and get help growing your next big investment. Join the tribe. Post a question about a company that might be on your investment radar, ping me directly to get some feedback on the investment.

On a more personal note, DriveTribe hasn't dabbled in this area previously so it makes me excited to lead the way. Feel free to reach out at any time and while I might not answer straight away? DriveTribe is a big community and I really hope I can grow this community into a big niche of DriveTribe as well.

Time to get cracking on advice to help you make your next big buck. YEW (the much more Australian version of YEET).

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Comments (4)

  • YEW

    Seriously, I've loved your work so far, and looking forward to this.

      9 months ago
  • Great stuff. I have similiar interests, so count me in.

      9 months ago
  • The economics would appear to stack up .

      9 months ago
  • Given Fords probably smart move of resurrection of the Bronco, which harks back to 1965 , can we do a few historical cost benefit comparisons , say 50s and 60s and 90s cars with todays, to see if there are other classic models and engineering choices that would be worth resurrecting ?

      9 months ago