Introducing myself. With the BMW Z3M Roadster - My first love

I don't know how it is on the other Country but in France, you have the ability to pass some driving test to get the right to drive Cars if you have your dad or mom on the passager seat.

At this time, I was just a teenager, I have 17 Years old, don't have anything to do with cars, doesn't understand my dad with this stuff, the motorsport, the Formula One, and why he bough a BMW Z3M with a lot of horsepower and spend a lot of weekends working on it. It was stupid, it was rubbish. And it wasn't black ?!

Yeah, I was a metalhead, and the video-game was all my life since I was kid. But this saturday afternoon, my dad came back to his insurance company and put my ass on his car, the Z3M. You left the driving-school where you learn to drive a Renault Clio 3 Diesel with less than 100 Horsepower and then, you have on your hand a sportcars with more than 300 Horsepower, no traction control at all, and your dad who love to drive fast. Well. This car slap me directly on my face. It was just one little afternoon, and after that, this car was, some kind of, mine. My, real, first love.

The first photo of my driving this car. And the last memory I have from that.

This car was just amazing. I drove it few time between 2008 and 2012, sometime alone, sometime with my ex-girl friend. I learn everything we it, learn to drive fast and clean, learn to have something powerfull, learn to do the heel-and-toe...

But at my 20 I bought my first "sportcars", it was a BMW Z3 2.2 liter, with 170 Horse Power. On the paper, it was exactly the same car, with the half of horsepower. My dad sold this one one year after, to buy a BMW Z4 S-Drive 35i, with a DKG Transmision.

I start my adventure here with this car. It learn me I was a true car enthusiast, I was in love of sportcars, racecar, and have the ability to enjoy it, and control it. It was something I always have, but doesn't know about it.

Few years after this car, I met a old friend from school who ask me some news. He saw the BMW Z3 and say "I'm not surprised. You have always been a Car Enthusiast for me. You always plays video game when cars was driveable, it's not something who shoked me". And then, it was here.

I'm a Cars Enthusiast. And this passion, this feeling, push me harder and harder on my school program and my work to be better each day, to push my limit, to have the ability to have the cars I dream of.

So, in few Words, I'm Joël, nice to meet you, thanks for reading this. And enjoy the rest of my stories here.

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