Introducing the Bremont Stephen Hawking Collection

    An amazing timepiece for an amazing man

    We've had watches for athletes and actors but you don't often find watches dedicated to renowned scientists. British watch manufacturer Bremont have thought of that, blissfully, and they're introducing the Stephen Hawking Limited Edition Collection, dedicated to English physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, one of the most influential scientists of our time. A remarkable collection comprised of four pieces, designed to honour the memory of a remarkable individual.

    Nick English, co-founder of Bremont, said “Professor Stephen Hawking was arguably one of the most eminent scientists of the last hundred years. We wanted to celebrate this incredible man’s life and his fascinating relationship with time".

    The Bremont Hawking Limited Edition watch features retrograde seconds hand and date, located at the 6 and 12 o'clock respectively, and the timepiece also encapsulates a variety of cosmological references on the case back. There are four wooden discs and a meteorite insert at the centre of the case back, there's an etching of stars from the night sky in Oxford on January 8, 1942, the date that Hawking was born.

    The serial number of the watch is also engraved on the case back together with Hawking's radiation temperature equation.

    The collection consists of four watches, three men's model and a women's model, powered by Bremont BE-33AE movement (men's) and BE-92Av (women's) both with a 42-hour power reseve. Only 388 stainless steel models will be produced (black dial), along with 88 pieces in rose gold with black dial, 88 white gold with blue dial and 88 pieces of the stainless steel women's model.

    The men's version measures 41 mm whereas the ladies model measures 34 mm in diameter, coming in with diamonds inset into the bezel as well as the index markers on the dial.

    Stainless steel + meteorite dial

    Stainless steel + black dial

    Rose gold + black dial

    White gold + blue dial

    MSRP for the stainless steel Bremont Hawking Collection starts at $9,995, while the rose gold and white gold Bremont Hawking Collection models cost $22,495 and $23,495, respectively.

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    Comments (14)

    • Very elegant.

        6 days ago
      • 6 days ago
    • Very nice, I personally love Bremont, they make some truly beautiful watches, but my favourite has to be the Bremont that looks like the dials of a classic Jaguar.

        6 days ago
    • Very nice. Rose gold for me. It’s a shame but I feel the back is more interesting than the face! Would have liked a little more oomph.

        6 days ago
      • That's the best though; the back should be complex, the face elegant.

          6 days ago
    • I quite like the white dial version, but diamonds on a watch are a bit much in my opinion. My favorite is the blue dial.

        6 days ago


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