- Your New Batmobile!

Introducing The "Dark Knight" 911 Turbo S

Batman's new covert vehicle?

Porsche keeps coming out with ever more tempting versions of the 911, and likely always will. But the factory isn't the only one.

There's plenty of aftermarket options for making the classic German sports car even more compelling, and the latest come from Polish tuner Auto-Dynamics.pl.

The Warsaw-based firm calls its latest creation the Dark Knight, taking the latest 911 Turbo S even further. It includes new manifolds from GMG Racing, TechArt exhaust, with custom tips, catalysts from Cargraphic, IPD plenum and y-pipes, Agency Power intake, AWE Tuning intercoolers, and more, to bring output up to nearly 700 horsepower.

As you can see, the Dark Knight looks the part, too, with a full carbon aero kit including front spoiler, vented fenders and hood, side skirts, and rear bumper, diffuser, and wing. The interior has been largely left alone, just enhanced slightly with RUF floor mats and pedals and a custom steering wheel with center marker at 12 o'clock.

With so many parts already on the market, Auto-Dynamics.pl may be wise to have compiled the best of them rather than try to reinvent the wheel itself. The finished product may very well have the chops to challenge the manufacturer's own new 911 GT2 RS, and looks pretty sinister in the process.

Photos And Article Source: Carscoops.com

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