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It your a regular reader of and/ or then the chances are you have probably heard of me and my history with this Ferrari 365GTB/4 Daytona affectionately names the 'The Mistress' by my Wife. If not, rather than my repeating the rather long story, it is probably far more interesting to watch the film I shot with Petrolicious last year. Come back and read the rest of this after you've watched the film.

So this Tribe? To be honest I created it on a bit of a whim the other day without having any clear plan as to what I wanted to do with it. I already blog about the car on Drive Cult and I will continue to do that and post those blogs here too. Beyond that I will add some pictures and maybe even the odd video of the Daytona out and about. With winter fast approaching if not already here I suspect most of those over the next few months will be from the archives rather than up to the minute happenings.

Aside from the car itself I'll also include some pieces on my interactions with the wider world of classic cars and in particular the classic Ferrari world. Within my family there are two other classic Ferraris, a 1972 Ferrari 365GTC4 and another Daytona this time a Spyder conversion. Expect a piece or two about both those cars and how they compare to mine. My late father was an avid car collector and owned 30 Ferraris over his lifetime including icons such as a 250SWB and a 275GTB/4. I'll dip into the history on some of those cars from time to time as well.

Berlinetta and Spyder

Berlinetta and Spyder

I also have some close friends with similar cars including a Dino 246GT and a Maserati Khamsin the latter of which I hope to do a back to back comparison against the Daytona; hopefully next year?

It is also a reflection of the times that it is impossible to talk about old Ferraris without mention of the word investments. Personally I'm not a fan of buying a car simply because you think that it will make money, but with that in mind I will probably no doubt impart a few thoughts on the market from the point of view of an interested bystander.

Finally I setup the tribe to allow all members to post there. A perusal of instagram shows that The Mistress gets fairly regularly 'papped' at car events and even occasionally just out and about. Feel free to post any pictures of the car you take here. Also I would love to see pictures and stories about similar era Ferraris and other Gran Turismos, with a preference for pictures taken out and about rather than at car shows and dealers.

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