Introducing... The worst spot of the week competition

Earn weekly Tribecoins by competing!

8w ago

We all know the best spot of the week contest being held on the Drivetribe app, and this is just like it but the opposite.

Basically take a photo of the most boring car you've seen, and post it in the spotting section on the Drivetribe app.

At the end of the week, the spot with the most downvotes will win! The winner will receive an astonishing 10 Tribecoins!


It has to be YOUR spot. Please don't cheat and use images found on Google.

You aren't allowed to ask for downvotes. For the spot description, just put the make and model. No saying "Please hate my spot", or "Downvote my spot please!".

It has to be a car. Please don't post motorcycles, buses or other things of that nature.

You have to post it in the spotting section on the app.

So yeah

As I said, the winner gets 10 Tribecoins. If you enjoy this competition let me know we could make this a weekly thing!

Post that Prius!

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