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TURN ONE is a small sim racing team I started in the spring of 2020. It's a very casual operation, with just a few guys having fun together racing in GTSport league races. However, late last year, I had the idea of taking that name and brand (although you can barely consider it a brand), and create a new online community revolving around motorsport and sim racing, based on platforms like Instagram, Discord, Twitter, etc.

I shelved the idea, but hearing the shocking and saddening news of Drivetribe's closure gave me the extra motivation to launch this little project of mine.

How will it work?

It's essentially a social media page, publishing content similar to what DriveTribe's social pages have to offer. Stories (as in stories from the motorsport world, not Instagram's feature), questions, quizzes, memes, etc.

As I'm starting from scratch, no money will flow through this project at the moment. However, the idea is to grow the community to the point where we can offer paid positions to creators.

The first stage of the project involves an Instagram page (which is already live) and will start seeing content being put on it later this month.

Before I go, I want to give the whole DriveTribe team a huge thank you for giving me a place to get my feet wet in motorsport content creation. You created an amazing community for every automotive and motorsport enthusiast to enjoy.

The page is linked here. If the link doesn't work, the username is @turn_one_.

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