Introducing your Red Bull 5G Finalists

2y ago


This Sunday, the Red Bull 5G Final kicks off at 2pm in The Rotunda of the Library of Birmingham. In Japan the event is run as the East vs the West - built upon the traditional martial arts tournaments featuring five different forms of martial arts. In the UK Red Bull 5G engines the age old rivalry of North vs South.

Players registered to play via the Electronic Sports League portal, and through a series of Qualifying Rounds, the fastest players from the North and South of England were selected and invited to two regional events.

I could see DJ-Purenoise in my mirrors, but decided not to push for pace and just enjoy it. It feels great to win – I only got the game a week before the online qualifiers. I thought it would be fun!


At the Northern Semi-Final, driving a McLaren MP4-12C, Unduebow led from start to finish on the Donington Park track. He was never really in danger as DJ-Purenoise played it safe, never really attempting to push the pace or attempt any risky manoeuvres in case he span off the track. He knew that second place would be enough to secure a spot on Team North, and despite being bumped by We Love OB at the beginning, he managed to hold onto his lead relatively easily.

Luke "Unduebow" Hobs representing Team North

Tim "DJ PureNoise" Pateman representing Team North

“The plan was to get around the first corner without crashing, which I did. The guy behind me had me worried a little bit, but I just matched my pace to his and kept it consistent. If you panic, you’ll make a mistake. Keep calm, keep consistent and you’ll be alright.”

eSports+Cars Ralphy

At the Southern Semi-Final (having secured pole position) Ralphy from eSports+Cars led from the beginning in his McLaren MP4-12C. Behind him, ScoobyG2000 was bumped off the track on the first bend, but wildcard Thomaso got off to a good start. He had only qualified for Red Bull 5G as a wildcard the previous day, but here he was in second place in the southern final. The only worrying moment came when he took a corner too wide on the third lap, enabling Actrollvision and TropperMatt to close in on him, but he saw off their challenge, and pulled ahead with four laps to go.

eSports+Cars Ralphy representing Team South

Thomas "Thomaso" O'Rega representing Team South

Who will you be supporting in Red Bull 5G? Check back on Sunday for live coverage from this amazing event! #TeamNorth #TeamSouth

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