Introduction - 3D Modeling and car design

Truth be told, it did not actually start two and a half years ago. My first time with 3D modeling software actually began eight years ago. My reason for partaking in the craft was one of curiosity; I thought it would be fun to practice the craft on the side.

I began making... whatever. I did not have any real focus in the beginning. The bulk of my projects were chosen primarily to learn the art of 3D modeling. However, five years in, I wanted to learn how to make a car in 3D. What began with YouTube tutorials and various forum questions turned into a mastery of the art of polygon modeling.

Let us begin with my very first car. It took me what I thought was a long time- 12 hours approximately- and I was quite proud of my final render.

The "Alpha"

After some more experimentation, I began cranking out car after car after car, each with notable improvement in modeling skill. Keep in mind these were made with no real end goal in mind.

the "Beta"

My idea of a modern Toyota MR2. I may revisit the idea at a later date.

Can you guess my favorite color at this point?

A project where I experimented with a wilder design.

"Gulf One" supercar


You may have noticed that the last picture is of the same car posted earlier, but they look far better. That is because that very render is an important milestone for me. I had been learning how to render images properly. To illustrate that, I rendered an older design of mine with optimized render settings, and the result is a vast improvement in overall render quality.

I could write on and on about how I model, but I think I have bored enough of you already. Let us jump to the big one- or the big ones, I suppose. Modeling actual cars.

I started with the Ferrari 599 GTO. Compared to my other models, this took a long time to create- almost an entire month. However, the skills I had acquired from it were vast. While I am not particularly proud of how it came out, it is probably the biggest milestone in my 3D modeling career.

Knowing my capabilities, my next project was an oddity- the Lamborghini Centenario. Except, before it was unveiled.

Does anyone remember those patent images of the secretive Lamborghini hypercar from earlier in 2016? As it turned out, they were perfect to use for modeling purposes.

If you ever wanted to know what a Centenario looks like with an ordinary color scheme, here you go!

Modeling cars that already exist is great and all, but for me, the final frontier would be for me to design my own car from scratch- first on paper, then in 3D. This would be the definitive "big" one. I am happy to report that as of right now, the project is underway. The project is an Acura grand touring coupe. There will be a separate article on the details of that project.

In this tribe, I will be posting about my venture into the fascinating world of car design. I will post updates on projects, final renders, and I want to provide a presence for the automotive design community on this site.

Thank you for reading. If you have made it this far, you are almost as crazy as I am.

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