It all began in late eighties, when my mum popped me up into this crazy world. Surrounded by posters of legendary cars (such as Lamborghini Diablo, Ferrari F40, Lancia Delta or Skoda Favorit kit car) I grew up with a dream of being closer to the world of cars. Closer as it gets. Collecting diecast scale cars was my answer to it. I was totally amazed by work of one self-taught photographer, he use forced perspective to blend real environment with diecast cars. His name is Michael Paul Smith and he is my original inspiration.

Where my collecting passion merge with photography. /1:64 Subaru Impreza/

1:43 Lancia Stratos

Years and years after that, my girlfriend bought herself a DSLR camera and finally it all begins. One day, when she went to work, I finally pushed myself to start learning how to take pictures of my dear collection of cars in 1:64 scale. That leads to making an Instagram account, where I shared my pictures with the world. It pushed me even more when I saw, how many people liked my pictures. Collectors from around the world, rally drivers, automotive photographers, you name it. Within a year I finally "learn" how to use a proper camera and suddenly my little toys are just not enough for me. I started to travel for shots of amazing cars. It doesn't matter if it's old timer, JDM, exotic or race car, I love 'em all.

Insterior of 59' Cadillac Fleetwood.

Our national treasure, Skoda 130RS, winner of Rallye Monte Carlo.

Few months back my desire to get even closer to cars lead to application for track access on my first races, seventh round of this' season Czech Drift Series. I was approved! I can not describe by any word the feeling I got when I was on the track, wearing orange vest, hearing roaring engines and feeling burned rubber. Closest word is heaven, but hey, I'm no expert :)

Transport to start line.

Master shredder René Alexander in Brno Circuit.

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Can I get any closer? /Nurburgring Drift Cup Big Finals/ (Sorry for low quality, you know, cheap phone)

And here I am, standing on holy ground, Nurburgring Race Circuit. Fog is everywhere, my feet are frozen, coffee's cold but that's not stopping me from living a dream!

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