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4y ago

Originally I started taking photos of cars, purely out of something to occupy the many hours me and mates spent parked up in the middle of nowhere. However, as time went by I became driven to improve my skills and see more of what the local scene had to offer, whether it was fully built drift cars battling door to door, beautifully restored American Classics or even the bloke down the roads cable tied up Cefiro ripping standstills late on a Friday night. It consumed me.

"It consumed me"


Over the past roughly two years, I have shot events across the North Island. Mainly based out of Auckland. Drifting, hardparks, track days, you name it I was more than likely there. Every time learning something new, trying to push my skills forward. Always with the goal of finding the most standout rides our scene has to offer, Rocket Bunny Rx7's, through to restored Datsun's and everything in between.

"The most standout rides our scene has to offer"


As 2017 rapidly creeps up, I've sat back and thought to myself 'where do I want to take this passion?'. So far I've only focused on the North Island, shits about to change. For the coming year plans for features in the South Island, Australia and Japan are well under way. Working all this around personal life will be difficult, but the rewards are gonna be bloody well worth it!

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