introduction to the uk sprint scene.

2y ago


Many people in the UK looking to get involved in Motorsport, will begin with sprinting. Sprinting is a superb entry level motorsport, and seems to be the cheapest option out there.

Classes are seperated into types of motor, usually something like "Standard production 1600cc to 2000cc, Modified production 1600cc to 2000cc , kit cars up to 2000cc" etc.

The benefit with sprinting is that anyone can compete, providing they have a race license, a car that is Road legal (MOT'd, taxed and insured), although some classes do not require the car to be road legal, e.g. kit car class. Standard production tends to be the most competitive, as this filters out the drivers from the boys, nothing beats motorsport when drivers are in equally powered cars, on the same circuit.

I will be sprinting myself next year, and will post regular updates from my progress in my Suzuki Swift Sport ZC31S, which is currently being built at SW Motorsport.

Some of my images below from previous event of 2016 at Curborough Sprint Course.


EP3 Type R Civic, pinned throught the first corner at Curborough Sprint Course (Class: Standard production).

Peter Shenton, in the Rally Class with his stunningly presented Mk1 Escort.

Ford Duratec powered Westfield with a bit of opposite lock into the "Molehill". Class: Kit Car up to 2000cc.

The biggest "Whoops" moment i have ever captured at Curborough. Lotus Elise too quick into the cross over hit the mound and got serious air!

Tom Harding up onto two wheels into the cross over, in his Mk2 Golf. Competing in Class 3B.

Michael Jackson (No, not the Billy Jean version), hanging it sideways on the exit of the top loop in his Gorgeous Porsche 964.

Datsun 280Z about to open up those throttle bodies onto the home straight.

The Swift i will be competing in next year. Currently at SW Motorsport having a S1600 engine built. She's gonna be a screamer!

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