introduction (who the hell is this guy?)

Sometimes it is nice to know who you are dealing with. Here's a short photo essay about me.

4y ago

I am an auto journalist (Weston Magazine Group) and TV Producer (Driving With Idiots, Gentleman's Auto Club) and either a wonderful human being or a pain in the ass (depends on who you ask). The photos below give a bit of history...

Born and raised in NYC, USA, lived in Paris, New Orleans, Fort Worth, and currently living in Connecticut, USA.

I have an unnatural fear of people sitting on my head.

I have always been a 'Car Guy' to the exclusion of almost everything else. I had a fantastic collection of Corgi's and Hot Wheels until my sainted mother gave them away while I was away at school. I remind her of this tragedy whenever I see her.

I found out early that nobody likes it when someone who doesn't like fishing catches all the fish. There's a metaphor in there somewhere.

First 'real' job was with ESPN back in the wild and lawless days of early cable television...

My next job was working at Skip Barber Racing School back in the wild and lawless days of early 'trying to teach people how to drive a race car'......

Where I quickly found out that I should have started racing 20 years earlier......

One of my hobbies was being naked on a balcony in Paris. It is much less fun for the general public these days, so I have had to cut down.

I worked building cardiac catheterization labs for both Philips (Dutch) and Siemens (German). This, of course, was the next logical career step from racing.

I am lucky to have two boys who have done their best help me overcome my fear of people sitting on my head.

I've been working in automotive journalism and television production for the last 10 years. Oh, and as for music I've written for Creem, Rock Yearbook, and others, and was a drummer for the band 'Pastor Fuzz and the Deep Insiders' - not my proudest moment, but I was completely drunk for two years back in the 1980's, and I think I enjoyed myself. Thank God there were no cell phones or internet back then.

Next up will be my automotive history, which is interesting as I had very good luck with being able to own some great cars.

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