Invisible Border

Northern Ireland Situation Update #4

I awoke one last time to the sound of the sea, for soon we would be leaving our wonderful lighthouse keeper's cottage. With this is mind, I decided to try and not end on bad terms with Daisy. I offered to her a peace negotiation, and she declined. What then pursued can only be described as a rather cowardly move on my part. I ran away. At that point I came to the conclusion that Daisy could shove my peace negotiation right up her....

And so after the most enjoyable stay, we lifted the latch and squeezed through the hatch (10/10 rhyme) in the massive gates. Once in the car, my dad revealed is newly discovered 'scenic route' home, which consisted of a nice coastal drive down to the Carlingford Lough ferry, which would sail us back into the Irish Republic. Blah blah blah we sat in the car and bish bash bosh there we were boarding the ferry. We enjoyed some more beautiful scenes as we glided across the water through the 'invisible border' between the UK and Ireland, and for those of you confused by that statement, please refer to this:

No, the island is not all Ireland.

No, the island is not all Ireland.

And from there we just drove, for much longer than expected mind you. We were diverted when when our route became blocked after what we believed was a pretty dreadful accident scene. I had a bad feeling that there may have been a fatality, and some silence followed as we got a glimpse of the flashing lights of garda cars and firetrucks, and some pale-looking faces rushing about.

Nonetheless, we soldiered on, following an ice-cream down a very rural road indeed, until at last we found ourselves flying down the motorway. Fast forward through some more boring travelling where I stare out the window wondering what makes the sky blue when beyond it is all pitch black. And then at long last my numb arse waddled out of the car when we arrived home again. And so ends the Northern Ireland situation update log. It was fun, could be a weekly thing mayyyyybe? Well minus the northern ireland part. But your choice.....

Thank you for reading.


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  • I am somewhat desensitiseds to car accidents, although I’ve never been to a deadly one

      8 months ago
    • does that mean prone to them?🤣

        8 months ago
    • 🤣🤣 no. I’m a mechanic and we have got a couple of breakdown trucks. I have been to many accidents of varying degrees (the most impressive was a Vauxhall Vectra which went straight on at a bend, jumped a 5 foot deep trench with a river in the...

      Read more
        8 months ago