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The final round of the iRacing 73 touring car championship headed to the Donington Park circuit in Leicestershire.


For qualifying I just went out with the plan of trying to qualify towards the front in the Jetta class which I managed to do but tried to go quicker but couldn't find the extra few tenths to qualify on the front row which was frustrating.

Race 1:

My plan for the race was to try and gain a couple of positions at the start and help my team mate Tim Mawson in the championship as he had a better shot at winning it than me. I got up to 3rd place and could see Tim and Adam Hedgecock from Boosted Motorsport battling up ahead so I decided to push like crazy to catch them and put Adam under pressure so it could maybe give Tim a chance to build a gap.

Fighting Adam Hedgecock for 2nd in race 1

Fighting Adam Hedgecock for 2nd in race 1

With 10 minutes remaining I decided to start challenging Adam for 2nd and tried everything to get by him but he was defending very well which made it difficult. I used every opportunity I could but was having no luck.

Then with a couple of minutes left I got a slow down which gave the chance for Adam to get away a little bit but loved the battle for 2nd and the best race I have had in the Club 73 league this season and fairplay to Adam for racing hard but fair.

Race 2:

Race 2 I went into with the aim of finishing in the top 3 to help Tim as much as possible and help him win the championship. I got off to a good start and managed to get into the lead straight away and keep ahead until the pit stops and I decided to try and go as long as possible before making my stop.

Leading in race 2

Leading in race 2

I managed to re-take the lead from Adam after he made his stop and was keeping an eye on the gap to see how far back he was and seen he was slowly catching back up but told myself to just relax and not push or overdrive and luckily I was able to increase the gap due to the Kia's and Mustang's lapping us which slowed Adam up.

Heading for the win in race 2

Heading for the win in race 2

After a crazy race 2 after keeping an eye on Adam for the last half of the race I managed to keep it in one piece and make it to the finish to take the win in race 2 to round off a good season for me and feel I have improved this season for sure.

I have to say a big congratulations to my team mate Tim Mawson on winning the championship after the rotten luck he had at times last season. Also thanks to the Boosted Motorsport guys for some awesome battles and racing this season and look forward to more of the same next season.

If you want to re-watch the action then you can watch it below.

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