IRacing: The Cadillac CTS-V racecar

This season I'm driving something different in IRacing. The Cadillac CTS-V racecar. And it's an overpowered none downforce American beast!

The car

The Cadillac CTS-V racecar is some serieus monster! With a 460BHP V8 engine in the front this car has some serious power. And this power can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially when you are not used driving such a fast car. Besides the power there is an other point that you will establish very soon! The car has absolutely no downforce. That big wing on the back? Probably because it looks bad ass!

The driving

So the first thing you need to now about this car is with all this power you better be patient on the throttle when exiting a corner. Build up slowly and only go flat when you are straight. the second that comes with all this power is the top speed. Your top speed will be a lot higher when you andvance from the mazda series. But is similar to the Porsche cup car. Because off this higher top speed your braking distance will incraese. The Cadillac has decent brakes. In the beginning I didn't had a good feeling on the braking. But you can adjust the braking bias to wich you prefer. And when doing this you will be able to brake for about 75% off the braking pressure. The car is also very heavy so you really have to play with the weight tranfer in this car. How to do this you can read in The handling.

The handling

What's the difference with the driving. Well, I understand the handling as something the driver has an influence on. How you drive the car to get the most out off it. So now you know this, I will tell you my thoughts on how to drive this car. First I want to mention that this car has a lot off understeer when entering a corner. I guess it's because off the huge wing. You really need to trail brake into the corner to keep the front down and the grip on the front tyres. When you hit the apex, gently start pressing the throttle. The car will tend to oversteer exiting the corner. And you can stop this by progressively applying the throttle. The last thing you need to know is that the car has almost no downforce. When driving in a fast corner. Be very patient with the throttle and maybe get some trail braking here and there. This will keep the grip on the front tyres for a longer time.

The series

It's a D-class multiclass fixed setup series with the Cadillac and the Kia. The cadillac is a free car and there are some free tracks included in the series. A lot off the races you will have to handle with rookie drivers who are fast on one lap but still need to work on consistency and racecraft. Be aware that sometimes you will lose races because someone drives into you. Mostly not on purpose. This can be frustrating. Also when at the end off the race you will have to deal with lapped cars. Most off them do not have a lot off experience with it. When you can race clean and have a good field off drivers you can really learn a lot.

How to use this series in you carreer?

Simple: In the Mazda you will learn how to race close. In the Cadillac you will learn how to race fast. It will all come together in the next step in you GT career! Just try it.

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Thanks, see you on track!

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