Ireland:Driving situations that only happen in Ireland.

Yes they really happen in Ireland.

These are the top 6 driving experiences you will encounter if or when you have ever driven on Irish roads from Irish style directions to livestock traffic jams. It is an adventure to say the least and there is always something to see when you drive around Ireland, from ruins of old castles to the coastlines. Every day driving here in Ireland can be some what amusing to say the least!

1.Having to pull over on a “two-way” road.

Yes you read that right there are roads here in Ireland that are classified as ''two way'' roads but been honest, one car finds it hard to drive these roads due to their width nevermind two car passing each other.

2. Asking for directions and getting a very Irish answer .

These are never straightforward no mater where or what Irish person you ask, you will never get a straight forward directions. For example, pubs are often used as the main point of reference, as opposed to road names or major landmarks. You might also be told a story about the place you’re trying to find, and by the time it’s done, you’ll have forgotten the directions and need to ask again. Piece of advice don't ask the same person twice!

3. A livestock road block.

Imagine this driving along a country road in Ireland minding your own business, surrounded by fields and open road, then you drive around the bend and you are met by a line of traffic, wondering what's going on and why there is traffic on such a quiet road, then you see why, this animals are the culprits. Nearly four million sheep and cows reside in Ireland, so it is almost inevitable that this situation would happen here now and then.

4. Road signs suddenly changing from kilometres to miles.

This happens quiet quick when you drive from the south of Ireland to the north of Ireland when you cross the border at any point of the six counties which are in the north of Ireland. If you have drive or intent to drive in Ireland you will rely on these sign posts at some point.

5. Tourists on the wrong side of the road.

Many tourists who visit Ireland rent a car, as having one makes exploring Ireland much easier. With the island being relatively small, travelling by car makes it possible to see a lot.The only problem is that drivers in the U.S. and most of Europe drive on the right side of the road, not the left, like us Irish.

6. Floods make roads into lakes!

Yes you read number 6 right, this is one of the few things Ireland is known for apart from pubs and castles. Oh and the weather especially rain! It is not uncommon to see a road temporarily turn into a small lake because it rained a lot and to see cars still drive through it, but very, very slowly.

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Comments (5)

  • I drove from Dublin to Belfast last year and the speed limit signs changing over to mph caught me by surprise.

      7 months ago
  • How can you forget the Irish pacecar, the farmer and his tractor with several miles of cars driving behind him or having to perform a slalom to avoid the potholes.

      7 months ago