Irish in the North: Situation Update #1

Travel log entries from a holiday I have just returned from. Yes I got lazy and didn't start posting them until now.

Perfect timing for me to get the Americans after me, as I've left the Ireland....well, left the Republic at least. I'm in the North, the U.K. And I'm hiding...I mean staying in a breath takingly astonishing lighthouse. And believe me when I say this weird sea-air has given me plenty of time to consider my current...circumstances, i.e my impending doom. The Americans are on my tail, the Indians have betrayed me in my moment of greatest fear, and the french are ignorant as ever. Oh and there's a goat here called Daisy who's on a mission to to wipe me from existence for no apparent reason. And so I figured I'd begin my 4 day situation update articles just to let you know if the others actually have me on a stake yet.

So what's new I don't hear you ask. Well I was planning on writing about my travelling experience in our Spacetourer another time so we'll leave that bit out for now. I have made some new friends here in Northern Ireland: 2 ponies, 5 chickens and 4 stupid but admittedly rather cute cats (still zilch compared to dogs but I am liking the little kittens).

I have crossed a massive plain of impossible-to-navigate rocks in the hope of getting the more 'LOYAL' of you lot some beautiful sea pics. What do you think, photography masterclass?

And yeah, I should say these updates are coming days late, because I'm l a z y. I did want to write about my whole Northern Ireland views thing, but I have enough people hungry for the newly coined 'Aaron Toast' so I'll leave that until I've patched up relations with my Atlantic neighbours. Actually a message to them before I go back into recluse: "Stop trying to kill me and burn me in your weird ritual thing!"



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