- Credits: Volvo

Irv Gordon - owner of the car with the highest mileage ever has passed away

30w ago


At the age of 77, Irv Gordon, owner of a Volvo with more than 3.2 million miles - highest ever recorded, has passed away.

The news of Irv’s death came from his daughter, who posted about it on Facebook, and was picked up by the Facebook page dedicated to him and his Volvo P1800 adventures.

Gordon became famous in 2013, when his 1966 Volvo P1800 entered the Guinness Book of Records as a car with the highest recorded mileage ever. But Volvo took notice of their hero ambassador long before when he broke the record for the first time at 1.69 million miles, and gifted him a Bertone 780 Coupe - a spiritual successor to P1800.

Over the years, and thanks to many achievements, Irv also received a C70 and XC60. In May this year, after more than half of century, the P1800 clocked 3.2 million miles, and that's all thanks to all the love and care Irv had for it. He did all the regular maintenance, engine rebuild and even an engine swap in 2009.

It just goes to show, that if you treat your car right, and give it the love it deserves, it will serve you forever.