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The multiplayer mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (also known as TruckersMP) is well known for being the go-to platform to host a large scale event of any sort, of which unsurprisingly there are many events throughout the year to look forward to.

With so many to choose from, what is it about the event called 24S that keeps making people want to attend it again and again, every year? Lets find out...

Small disclaimer: This article has been sponsored by ''24S - The Grand Tour'' , however my review will still remain unbiased so as to keep everything in balance.

What is 24S?

According to their description, 24S is a 8900 mile (simulator miles not real) ''grand tour'' of the game map. Set in TruckersMP it is designed to explore the regions of the game map that most people would never think to visit normally for one reason or another. It takes place over set routes pre-planned by the event organisers and is designed to run for 24 hours straight with breaks at the end of each of the pre-planned routes to space it out. It's designed to be the ultimate road trip for the truck simulator enthusiast, which you can attend alone or with friends if you so choose.

This particular event was founded in 2016 and have hosted 3 successful events thus far, with their 4th event being hosted on February 23rd this year.

This event is also designed to be a charity fundraiser, this year raising funds for a charity called The Ambulance Staff Charity (Find out more about them here: www.theasc.org.uk/) and have raised £145 so far for the charity.

You can check out their official promotional video for the event this year here:


How does it compare to other events on the TruckersMP platform?

Compared to other events it is far more laid back than them. Which has it's advantage and disadvantages.

The plus side to being more laid back than most is the general atmosphere of the event feels far friendlier and more like a weekly car meet amongst friends than a event on the same calibre to the likes of Goodwood. This also means that community interaction is far more positive and friendly than the likes of other events where it is mostly just professional or bare minimum in terms of chatter amongst players.

On the other hand, it does increase the likelihood of rule breakers to appear and cause mayhem for everybody. This coupled with a far more laid back event control style does mean it runs the risk of getting out of hand if a major setback occurs.

Would i recommend attending 24S this year?

Naturally, i'm going to recommend you attend this event whether you're a TruckersMP veteran or a rookie there will be plenty of enjoyment to be had out of this event, especially due to it's unique take on the large scale events concept. It's certainly a unique event that I feel you would be missing out on if you didn't attend.

I would also highly recommend you check out their fundraising campaign, which you can find here: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/24s-2019

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