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Is a Doug score of nearly 100 possible?

How many quirks or features does the car need to have?

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If you like cars and watch car videos on Youtube(like me), you would probably know of a Youtuber called Doug Demuro(you might have heard of him), a Youtuber with over 3.74 million subscribers and over 1 billion views. He is so successful that non-car Youtubers(MKBHD and Babish Culinary Universe) have referenced him in their videos and one of the most important part of his recent videos is the famous "Doug score", this is a somewhat controversial scoring system that is used to rate the cars that Doug drives in his reviews.

How the Doug score works

The Doug score is split into 2 categories, the "weekend category" where cars are scored based on how the car would perform based on how the cars handle, accelerate, how they look, how fun to drive and how cool are they to others, the "daily category" is based on how practical the car is, how it will hold up in the long term(with interior materials), how much tech it has, how comfortable the car is and lastly, how good of a value is the car.

This scoring applies for all cars, whether that be a brand new X5 or an older one and all types of cars, like a Koenigsegg Agera RS or even something weird like a Toyota Previa. So now you know how the Doug score works, lets get back to the topic at hand.

What would it take for a car to get a high Doug score

A car can have a high Doug score by having a good mix of a high weekend and daily score, its important that the car has a good score in both categories as having only a good score in 1 category can pull the overall score down. Take the Ferrari F40 and Honda Odyssey for example, both cars have a really high score in one category and a really weak score in the other, so while the score in 1 category is high, the low 2nd score makes for a Doug score that overall is not as high as you would have thought.

Because of that, the cars with the highest Doug score typically tends to be cars that are either million dollar hypercars or fast estate cars, the following pics below are the cars with the highest Doug scores.

So now that you know what it would take for a car to get a high Doug score, let us now set aout to answer the question, is a Doug score of 100 possible? If not, how close can we get?

What kind of car could get close to that magical 100?

Well, for a car to get close to that score it obviously needs to do well in both daily and weekend, now the car with the highest weekend score is currently the Mclaren F1 and the car with the highest daily score is the Honda odyssey(Or it could be the Lincoln navigator I could be wrong), now ideally we need a car with a mix of both the F1's cool factor and driving experience and the extreme practicality of the odyssey.

This probably can have the highest Doug score if Doug ever gets his hands on this thing

This probably can have the highest Doug score if Doug ever gets his hands on this thing

Now the Espace F1 pictured above is the kind of car that can get a near perfect Doug score however, its not road legal and only has 4 seats, which in the Doug score way of scoring practicality, tends to prefer 7 seats and a huge boot space. those are just some of the factors that would drag the Doug score down, not to mention the fact that it is a 90s Espace and not a modern one, which would kill the "features" score, which tends to only given when a car has basically everything, like in a Rolls Royce Cullinan or a Tesla with Autopilot and whatever wacky and unrealistic idea that can come out of Elon Musk's brain.

Now due to the fact that every car is not perfect and will be flawed in some way, there is possibly no such thing as a 100/100 Doug score. Such a car would need to have the styling of the 2003 Aston Martin Vanquish, the performance of the Koenigsegg Agera RS for weekend score while having the features, ride, quality of the Rolls Royce Cullinan and the practicality of the Honda odyssey while on top of that, have the resale value of the Mclaren F1. Such a car does not and can probably never exist, as if you want a car with perfect daily drivability, you would ruin the weekend score and vice versa.

The car that I feel that is closest to the 100 Doug score

There is a car that I can think of that would be able to get a near 100 Doug score but there is a problem, the 1st problem is that the car exist only as a drawing, the 2nd problem is that the car has to be further modified. And so, here is the car that could get a near 100 score in my opinion

For this, heavy use of the imagination is needed

For this, heavy use of the imagination is needed

Now I know, its another Renault Espace F1 drawing, but its actually perfect after some modifications to the inside. The drivetrain can be left untouched as well... its an F1 engine and if keeps the standard construction like the old Espace f1, then its perfect on the weekend, crazy acceleration, amazing handling(maybe), and ultra cool factor and probably an amazing driving experience. But the daily score is where I would change stuff, firstly I would put the 3rd row of seats back in for practicality, secondly I would put the infotainment screen and al the creature comforts back for features, and lastly I would put a slightly nicer interior back in so that it could do well in the quality score. The only 2 parts I am not sure about is the styling and value, value is simply because the car does not exist and would be very very very expensive and styling is because everyone has different tastes and someone like Doug would prefer a cleaner look rather then the look at me and aerodynamic nature of the way the Espace F1 looks which is what I prefer.

But if you want a car that exists then maybe this is the car I should have used instead of the Espace F1 drawing...

Thanks for reading

Thank you so much for taking time to read this and of course feel free to let me know of a car that has a higher chance of a near 100 Doug score in the comments section.

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