Is a free and light game with minimal ads any good?

Steam Delves- Inertial Drift: Sunset Prologue

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For a long time, a very long time, the racing game market has been primarily dominated by EA. Need for Speed, NASCAR , Real Racing and so on.

BuT It is 2020 and you are willing to be scammed by an evil american corporation who wants to kill competition!!!!!!!

Literally everyone in my generation.

This year is the year of Indie Games, with Fall Guys and Among Us hitting to top of the charts. These games are not owned by a rich game design studio.

But we, we are Car Enthusiasts, we don't play anything other than car games. First Person Shooter.....pchhht.

My journey of finding a light car game started when I swapped out my 2 Terabyte Hard Disk Drive for a snappier 256 Gigabyte Solid State Drive. That meant that I had to cut down on some games.

Still, could be worse

Never Defrag your SSD. Don't be a moron.

Never Defrag your SSD. Don't be a moron.

This journey led me to the Steam recommended page. Where I was recommended this game.

Inertial Drift : Sunset Prologue

The game is set in a retro world . And has a track that copied Mount Akina. The car is a mix of an R35 GT-R and a 300sx, named "Coda".

But how do you play it?

It can be played through Keyboard and Controller. Spacebar to accelerate , A and D to turn, Left arrowkey and Right arrowkey to oversteer. I played the game for a few minutes yesterday and I loved it.

I did find the controls to absolutely suck. They should have stuck to keeping W as accelerator, S as brake and A / D to go Left/Right.

It does have nice Lo-Fi beats and cool maps.

Such a small game shouldn't raise our expectations

This game weighs around 660 megabytes, and my computer did not break a sweat while running it. My PC is not that powerful as it has a 7th generation Intel i5 , and Intel Integrated Graphics.

One thing to keep in mind while downloading this game is that Steam will give you poor download speeds because a Polish developer finally released the game whose release they had been delaying for the past 7 years. CD Projekt Red, I am looking at you.


Yes, the Lo-Fi and Retro Future beats , the nice gameplay and light nature make this a nice play. The controls can be improved but overall, this game rocks. One thing I hate is that they do that little B-Roll, which you have to cancel by pressing "Esc" to get the Christmas Tree lights going.

INertial Drift: sunset prologue

Where can I get it?

The game is only available on Steam. And Steam is a terrible place to go on now. That Polish Developer studio finally decided to release the most hyped game of the past 7 years.

I am getting download speeds of 46 kb/s on Steam. The game is only available on Windows. It has Valve Proton support for Linux gameplay. It sucks in Valve Proton.

It is not available on Mac. Hah ! Ben Welham, you cannot play it on your Mac!

Thank you for reading and scrolling to the bottom!

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