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Is a performance cooling system worth it?

Donut upgrades the cooling system in their BMW E36 rally car project to get you the answer.

2w ago

Donut has been upgrading parts all over a special BMW E36 project they are running. Host Zach Jobe had been putting the parts on to set it on a path to a rally car build. As Donut says in the video description, "So we’ve been testing our rally e36 pretty hard in the desert and recently it took a bit of an L. The cooling system seems to not be too happy being slinged around in the heat and the dirt."

In the most recent episode of MoneyPit above, Jobe pulls out the stock radiator and upgrades it with a Mishimoto option. For all the details on how it went, what went wrong, and how easy it is to break plastic, check out their video above!

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