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Is a used 2004 BMW 760i overpriced? (€5.490/£4.700/$6.100, 215.000 km/133.600 mi)
  • Still too expensive...
  • It's a fair price.
  • Amazing value!

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Comments (21)

  • C'mon that has to be a fair price. Full service history??

      10 months ago
  • Fuelling this up for 1 year would cost more than the car itself

      10 months ago
    • The people that buy these. Aren't bothered about the cost of fuel

        10 months ago
  • It's an amazing value considering how much car you get. As long as you have the skills to look after it and keep it going you're good

      10 months ago
  • Still butt f*ck ugly after all these years

      10 months ago


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