Is an Alpine A610 with a Zonda V12 the greatest restomod idea ever?

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5d ago

Last week, I set you all a challenge in order to win some Tribecoin and the comments on that article have been fantastic. The challenge I set was to name the best engine and car combo imaginable.

Some of the comments were pure genius such as a Peel P50 with a Bugatti W16 which was submitted by Charlie Taylor and an Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Roadster with a V10 from the Lexus LFA submitted by Jack Loweth.

However, I stated in the last article that the winner would be the most popular comment which was by seat arosa connoisseur. Their comment read: 'Alpine A610 with the V12 from a Zonda (doesn't matter which one) + full restomod.'

This idea is actually genius when you think about it. It combines beauty with a monstrous-sounding V12 engine and would be phenomenal if someone actually made it. Well done seat arosa connoisseur, I will send over your 250 Tribecoin right away!

Say a very well done to our winner in the comments!

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