Is Aston Martin any good at the moment?

For a company that practically everyone likes, are things going smoothly for Aston Martin?

34w ago

Aston Martin are arguably one of the most widely liked brands, car or otherwise in the world. Everyone, or at least virtually everyone, likes Aston Martin. There's just something about these cars that people like, whether it be how they're designed, the way they drive, or the simple fact that James Bond owns one.

As far as I can see, Aston Martin continue to produce fantastically crafted cars. They're special cars to own, just to look at alone. Some Astons can genuinely be considered works of art.

I could be wrong, but in the last few years it looks like Aston Martin have made a proper push into hardcore racing cars. They still make luxurious bespoke cars, but some nuts and possibly one-off racing cars or at least cars you can race, have been built.

Aston Martin have always, to varying degrees, been known for racing, but I think there's been a shift in the last few years. Give it ten years and maybe Aston Martin will be known only for their racing avenues.

But as for the Aston Martins that you can use on the road, things seem to be going quite well. The DB11 is a superbly designed car and Aston have done a brilliant job replacing the very popular DB9.

One Aston that has really caught people's attention this year is the DBX. Aston Martin may have arrived to the SUV craze a tad late, but the DBX is here and it's rather good. Those who dislike SUVs may have a lost a bit of respect for Aston Martin, but they're a business and like any business, they need to make money so making an Aston SUV seemed like a good move. It's designed rather well, though the rear is slightly un-Astony. Still, it's better than the Rolls-Royce Cullinan, not that that is hard.

Aston Martin are a legendary brand, but has the legend successfully evolved in the modern day? Comment below your thoughts on how Aston Martin are in 2020!👇

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