Is Audi any good at the moment?

Audi are doing rather well for themselves at the moment, but it appears that a relative few have noticed...

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The thing about Audi is that they rarely appear to put a foot wrong. Whenever Audi do produce a dreary and unimaginative car, things are quickly corrected. Audi don't cling onto their mistakes in the same way British Leyland of old did. Audis are well built, comfortable and fairly reliable. Unlike Jaguar, nobody other than car enthusiasts have actually noticed Audi's consistent improvement.

Ten plus years ago, Jaguar produced dull and boring cars. They have certainly upped their game since Tata Motors became their owners. Audi, however have had consistent ownership since the 60's. There's never really been a moment where Audi have been so poorly managed where they've almost been sold off, they've been in VW's hands for well over half a century now.


Well, that sub-heading could really be an article in its own right. But that aside, Audi are a brand that are moving forward constantly. It's why their cars are great, both inside and out. Audis are like all cars, built for the age in which they are made. But with every Audi there is a glimpse into the future. Audi have been making a brilliant push for electric cars (and hybrid too) in the last few years. It shows that the only way any brand can survive, is to make electric (and hybrid) cars. Audi have been fairly good on the electrical side of things, Tesla may be relatively new but give it time and Audi can be a genuine competitor to Elon and his cars.


Audi's are designed fantastically. Much like VWs and Porsches, Audis don't appear to become dated for some time unlike some of their rivals.

Here is a picture of a 2010 Audi A5 Sportback and for a car that is now a decade old, it looks far newer. No, it doesn't look fresh off the production line but it looks far newer than ten years old. So, Audis are well designed, well built, are modern, comfortable and reliable. What's not to like? But Audi haven't had to rebuild their reputation, as far as I'm aware, they've always been a highly respected quality brand.

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  • Very good points in this article. I completely agree. Audi's design language always continues to look new even when it is old. They were pioneers in automotive design early on, but especially once the first TT (Typ 8N) was revealed. Designed by Peter Schreyer, this car was appeared to be very round when most of the industry was building cars that reflected squareness like the bumpers behind the body panels. You may have heard about the case of "unintended acceleration" that the Audi 5000 (more widely known as the 100) had. Big safety concern. It was really just one episode of "60 Minutes" that nearly killed the Audi brand in the U.S. even though some fakery went into producing that episode. Anyway, with a strong commitment to safety, Audi has certainly succeeded as a car brand.

      8 months ago
  • Not a huge fan of Audi. I consider them to be good, solid cars, but I generally find them a bit dull to look at; and they’re not cheap. However, I do generally prefer their design to BMW, just about, and I quite like the Q3. But it’s true what you say about their long term stability, and they don’t sit back and relax; they keep trying. I just wish their cars were more fun to look at.

      8 months ago
  • They have always been good, but rarely are they great

      8 months ago
  • I hate Audi's new design language. Way too angular and boxy.

      8 months ago