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Is BMW Testing An Even Hotter M2?!

45w ago


A very interesting BMW M2 has been spotted testing at the Nurburgring, fuelling rumours that an M2 CS or CSL could be in the works. The baby M Performance car may soon get a limited-edition run-out special in the same vein as the incredible M3 CS and, seeing as many thought the M2 Competition was the halo model, that’s rather exciting.

The upcoming M2 range-topper wears some styling tweaks to make it even more aggressive. A socking great splitter and a new, domed bonnet give the game away up front – and will further scare drivers ahead of it. Around the back, there’s a prominent spoiler attached to the tailgate, plus a slightly redesigned diffuser.

Those gold brakes are a clue, as they’re very similar to those fitted to the M3 and M4 CS prototypes. The brakes are carbon ceramic, which kind of confirms that this car will be absolutely flippin’ ace at pounding around a track.

It’ll be treated to a crash diet, too. You’ll probably have to option the stereo and air con units back into the car, while further grams will be shaved through lighter alloy wheels, thinner glass and much less sound deadening. Better to hear that 3.0-litre twin-turbo, then.

That engine, shared with BMW’s other special-edition models, is expected to produce a bit more than the M2 Comp’s 405bhp. Although it’s unlikely to have the full 460bhp armoury of the M3 and M4 CS, BMW is likely to turn up the wick to about 425bhp – bloody loads in a car the size of the M2.

Will this be the ultimate BMW M car?

It’s rumoured that a CS model would be an America-only car, produced for just one model year. A CSL, on the other hand, may be available (in ultra-limited numbers) in more countries. Of course, that’s a badge that hasn’t been used on anything since the sublime E46 M3, which might suggest how BMW feels about this new M2.

I reckon this will be the M car to have – all that power in a compact and usable size. But then again, I’d sell one of my lungs to own a normal M2, so I’ll leave you to make up your own mind.

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