Is Citroën any good at the moment?

Citroën do, contrary to popular belief produce good cars. But is there any more to this?

1y ago

Citroën, much like Peugeot has developed a bit of an image problem over the years. Peugeot's image problem, was and maybe still is, a big problem that the company is clearly still trying to get around. Citroën on the other hand, doesn't have quite the same problem as Peugeot.

While it may be true that Citroëns were unreliable and downright awful cars, nowadays it's a very different picture. I wouldn't quite say that Citroën are knocking it out of the park with their cars, but the cars do appear to be very consistent. And that's consistently good before anyone cuts in.

In the olden days, Citroën did produce some genuinely great cars such as the iconic 2CV and the CX.

Ignoring Citroën's rather inconsistent past, today's range looks rather promising. The cars are comfortable and possibly reliable. They are even nicely designed, for the most part. The Picasso remains a dull car. But to the answer the question of this article, I do think Citroën are quite good at the moment. Ever so slightly, their reputation is improving. They appear to produce dependable cars, nothing particularly exciting (though there are exceptions)

Citroën are improving at a good rate and who knows where they'll be in 2030...

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Comments (2)

  • Definitely not doing great, all new cars can be reliable, it is time to stop using it as justification for a new car. The only record they hold is with a 20 year old car. Definitely need to have some funky suspension, or at least more then some cladding on the side

      1 year ago
  • They were definitely better in the past

      1 year ago