Is Dieselgate back? VW supposedly caught using 'Defeat Device' again

Is Volkswagen cheating diesel emissions again?

2w ago

September 2015 saw the downfall of the diesel engine for Volkswagen as the brand entered a scandal known as 'Dieselgate'. It had something to do with the car maker cheating emissions in order to make it look like its engines were more efficient than they actually were.

However, a new report from Automotive News says an adviser from the Court of Justice of the European Union said that the so-called “temperature window” software used by Volkswagen in some of its engines is actually illegal.

The case was initially brought up by some VW TDI owners in Austria and it focuses on software Volkswagen is using to control a valve that recirculates exhaust gases from the engine outlet. This means that when outside temperatures are more or less than 15-33 degrees Celsius and the vehicle is at altitudes above 3,280 feet (1,000 meters), that valve is deactivated by the software, thus letting more NOx emissions be emitted when the engine is in use.

This software is meant to prevent the engine from ageing or clogging up, but the EU court advisor says this is instead a “defeat device” in a very similar way the software of the infamous VW EA 189 was which caused 'Dieselgate'. It is unclear which engines could be affected, but if legal action is taken, then we will find out.

However, don't panic just yet as this doesn’t mean the automaker is being investigated by the Court of Justice of the European Union just yet, but judges do tend to take up matters brought to them by their advisors. So, VW is not being investigated as of yet, but a lawsuit could start any day at this point.

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Comments (36)

  • ALL of the auto manufacturers do this. EVERY SINGLE ONE. VW just got caught.

      20 days ago
  • oh cock

      20 days ago
    • Does that mean they’re not coming on then?

        20 days ago
    • James……VW is going to be out of money by the time they resolve this new diesel gate, so no, they aren’t coming on. (Love the grand tour connection)

        18 days ago
  • Ugh… Just sell me an electric microbus already!

      20 days ago
  • It's a pity that the relentless pursuit of legislative perfection is going to be the death of pretty-darn-clean-diesels, which are much lower CO2 than any other solution-- including EVs charged at night.

      18 days ago
  • I can kinda understand this one, EGRs on diesels tend to screw things up pretty bad, the EGR solenoid on my 08 Ram 2500 is actually unplugged because it kept messing up the VGT, and getting that cleaned every other month gets expensive.

      18 days ago
    • True, but you'd think VW AG, Bosch, Cummins, and all these other industry giants could figure this out

        14 days ago