I​s Fair Fair?

I​s the party over?

There’s not one of us out there that doesn’t want a fair shot at anything we do. Getting a good parking spot at work, winning whatever game we’re playing, etc. But let's imagine for a second that you are SO good at getting the parking spot, everyone starts biking to work and your boss makes you show up 10 minutes late. If you are that good, you might be the Mercedes F1 team.

It is no secret that this F1 year is… well, is a little boring. I mean please the British Grand Prix was interesting at best, Mercedes are just years ahead of the rest. Maybe not in strategy but in most other areas. The big area that they are dominating in is qualifying, you can watch Verstappen put a lap time that seems lightning fast and then watch it get beat by 2 seconds. Not only are we getting bored of this dance but the FIA apparently is as well. Teams have been complaining about the Mercedes Party Mode for a few years now and it seems that they will finally get the answer to their prayers. The intention of the ban would be to make a qualifying more tightly contested by bringing Mercedes closer to the rest of the pack. To make it more fair… but is that really?

I like everyone, want to see races that keep us on the edge of our seat, and in all fairness we’ve had some of it. The midfield is very competitive with some fantastic racing moments over the course of this year... just not for the lead. The way Hamilton just drives away with the race looks almost unfair, but the problem is that it is fair. That is Mercedes using the full potential of their car. So is it in the best interest of the sport to make it easier for teams to catch the leader?

As much as it pains me to say I would argue no. I love this sport and I love an underdog turned champion story. Mercedes could win the constructors championship for the next 10 years but on that 11th year, if Mclaren or Red Bull or Aston Martin get it together and develop a car that is just better than theirs, isn’t that better than just making Mercedes closer?

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