- The Ferrari F8 Tributo. Image: Ferrari.

Is Ferrari Overrated?

5d ago


Ferrari are an iconic brand, no doubt about it. But I found myself asking the question - are they overrated?

So what made me think about this topic as a whole? Well it's the fact that whenever you ask a child around the age of 5 and over "What car do you want when you're older?", the answer is pretty much guaranteed to be "Ferrari" - likely because they "look cool" or because "it's red".

And this got me thinking - if we are at a point where we grow up with Ferrari being the only brand we know of, does that mean they are overrated? Does that mean that our vision of them is only existent due to the way we grew up?

I love Ferrari, and many of us will agree that their current line-up is great; but are they worth all the hype that they receive? Are the cars 'wow' enough to be deserving of the automatic answer of that above question being "Ferrari"? I asked some of DriveTribe's top creators in our Creator's Program group chat - here's what they had to say (names will remain anonymous so that no conflict is caused):

Comment 1:

"I think in the recent years Ferraris have not been that good. They've been a bit numb"

Ferrari are also well known for their successful Formula One Team. Image: F1.

Comment 2:

"As a brand their antics are overrated, not their cars. The 458 brilliant. F12 brilliant. F430 Scuderia brilliant. But 430, 430 Scuderia, 458 omg what brilliant machines."

Comment 3:

"I like Ferrari as a brand but they are a tad overrated. I’m not a fan of their lazy design changes.

Eg. FF to the GTC4 Lusso

F12 to the 812

458 to the 488

Ferrari used to cook up fresh designs in the 2000s, unlike now."

Comment 4:

"The cars are brilliant for the most part. There will always be a few clunkers but they didn’t get where they are today for nothing. It’s just a shame that as a company they’re now so far up themselves that they’re actively hostile towards prospective customers. It’s got to the point that people are having to order Portofinos that they don’t actually want just to get an allocation for a Pista.

The current line up is astonishingly good, but the attitude of Ferrari as a company puts me right off them. Not that I am going to be buying a super car anytime soon."

Comment 5:

"Out of Ferrari and Lamborghini, I prefer Ferrari. I enjoy their arrogance. Though I'm not so keen on their current styling - I'll have a 599 over a Superfast anyday."

Ferrari also take part in the GTE side of Le Mans. Image: Autosport.

Comment 6:

"They certainly make great cars but I think they are overrated and as a company and I don’t like them because of the way they treat their customers."

Comment 7:

"I have loved Ferrari since I was a kid, and I still love them. Nowadays I agree, there aren't many good Ferraris but they don't get the hype either.

The 458 and LaFerrari are all-time greats and Ferrari deserve credit.

Forza Ferrari sempre."

The car that everyone buys, just to be in with the chance to buy the Pista... Image: Ferrari.

My Thoughts:

So as you can see, the above comments talk about how Ferrari have some excellent cars, but their attitude towards selling those cars seem to be putting people off. And I actually agree with some of those comments - Ferrari seem to have this 'We don't need customers, we can pick and choose who we want' personality, which doesn't seem to be taken well by the people.

As for their brand being overhyped - yes they make fast cars, but does everyone know their name just because they are one of the most famous (perhaps from their Motorsport appearances)? To a car-fan like us, we would be able to tell our McLaren's from our Lamborghini's any day of the week - but to the less-enthusiastic [about cars] person, they would probably just call it a Ferrari. That is why I truly believe Ferrari are overrated - because everyone knows their name.

As I said above, I love Ferrari; I have nothing against them - but are they that much better than everyone else? I don't think so. I decided to go one step further and ask a Facebook group what they thought without giving my opinions, here are the results:

The Results for the Poll I conducted on Facebook.

As you can see, almost twice as many people said 'Yes' rather than 'No', with only 26 people not being too sure (me being one of them).

A lot of the people who commented on the post had the same thoughts as the people above, but there were some that argued that the manufacturer are not overrated - they have made their brand known in their own ways. And to that, I agree - Ferrari have done an incredible job of making themselves so well known, that 5 year olds even want one! But are they the kind of cars? No. I don't think anyone is...

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