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Is Ferrari’s future linked to Juventus FC?

With the role of Ferrari CEO still pending, it was natural to look at Juventus FC’s management. Here’s why…

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On the 10th of December 2020, Louis Camilleri unexpectedly resigned from both his position as Ferrari CEO and as chairman of Philip Morris International Inc, citing personal reasons. At the moment, his position in Maranello is being taken up ad interim by Ferrari President John Elkann as he looks at his options.

Naturally, the happenings brought many to look at Juventus Football Club’s management and especially President Andrea Agnelli for the role.

As a matter of fact, the Agnelli family owns (through Italian holding company Exor N.V) the 22,9% of Ferrari’ shares and the 63.77% of Juventus FC. It is now quite easy to understand how powerful in the teams’ decision- making the family is.

Ferrari President John Elkann was chosen as heir to the family empire in 1997 by his grandfather Gianni Agnelli who died in 2003. On the other side, in May 2010 Elkann appointed his first Cousin Andrea Agnelli as Chairman of the board of directors of Juventus, making him become the fourth member of the Agnelli family to run the football club after his father, his uncle and his grandfather. Since then, Juventus FC went on to win nine times in a row the Serie A, establishing an unprecedented record.

At the moment, Juventus isn’t in one of its easiest seasons due to the recent change of coach (now former player Andrea Pirlo), but the Italian Championship is still very open, and the team has the quality to reach, once again, the top.

According to various Italian Media, Agnelli was already considered to become Ferrari CEO in 2018, but refused after Elkann asked him to resign from his role as Juventus President as the team was in that moment at the pinnacle of success. However, Agnelli seems to be particularly interested in the role at Ferrari and his name remains one to keep an eye on.

Personally, I think Andrea Agnelli already proved to have the ability to rebuild a team and a winning mentality. As his decision will be probably influenced by Juventus results, F1 fans and car enthusiasts better keep an eye on Italian soccer.

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  • The return of the Agnelli name does have a certain appeal..

      1 month ago
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  • Apparently di Montizemelo is also being considered for a comeback

      1 month ago
    • But isn't he like 70 something now??

        1 month ago
    • Personally I don't think a return of Montezemolo will happen. Multiple names are still linked to the CEO position such as former Ferrari TP and now Juventus Chairman Maurizio Arrivabene and Elkann's cousin Andrea Nasi. According to other...

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        1 month ago