Is Ford secretly planning to sell Mustang V8-powered Raptors down under?

Ford Australia will offer a unique package combining off-road performance and straight line speed

1y ago

Something is clearly in the water at Ford Motor Company, as the best selling 4x4 manufacturer has been caught working on a secret plan to offer a high-performance version of their Raptor, powered by a Coyote V8. The Mustang sourced V8 will replace the diesel option in the best-selling pickup.

The secret project has been given the go-ahead by Ford Australia, which is being worked on by a local engineering firm. The engine that Ford has chosen puts out 339 kw and 556 Nm in stock form and while final power figures haven't been confirmed, it's expected that it will give the current Ford Mustang GT a run for its money.

Ford have neither confirmed nor denied their secretive plan for the 2020 Raptor, which goes on sale in Australia towards the end of this year.

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