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Is FORMULA 1 irrelevant?

Have Regulations tried to make things competitive killed innovation FORMULA 1

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Since the introduction of 2021 regulations (Now 2022) at the back end of October 2019, it got me thinking is f1 relevant to a consumer? Since the beginning of time, motorsport was intended to do three things. Show consumers their technology was superior to rival manufacturers. Bring that cutting-edge tech to consumer vehicles and last but not least like any sport, entertainment. Now F1 faces an issue regarding technology. Does FORMULA 1 want to A). Go all-electric? Which is probably... no or B). Take off regs and push the boundaries and advance technologies to bring us, consumers, as it trickles down? Either way, this won't happen. We have reached a point where our interests and climate no longer work with the idea of bringing tech down to road vehicles. More and more midrange manufacturers pull out of motorsport since let's face it the win on Sunday sell on Monday isn't working across all motorsports. No longer can you go buy what was on the track at the dealerships the next day. So focus shifted to FORMULA 1 as homologation died out in the 70s and 80s. Motorsport no longer works as the same test bench for manufacturers as it once did. The last time I have seen the actual trickle-down effect in F1 was KERS in 2009. The regenerative braking systems did, in fact, make a difference as it did advance development in electric cars. Now FORMULA 1 serves no real purpose to companies. Win on Sunday sell on Monday doesn't work, they aren't making tons of money and their road cars aren't benefiting. So why stay?

Since the 2000s AKA, the peak of car manufacturers in FORMULA 1. Soon however manufacturers dropped like flies. BMW, Honda, Toyota and Renault all pulled out before the end of the decade. Since only Renault has returned in 2016 and this year renamed as Alpine. Now Merc and Alpine (which is Renault) Remain as the only big manufacturers. (Note Honda and Renault both made engines since then)

The World Endurance Championship has Appeared recently to be a new option

The World Endurance Championship has Appeared recently to be a new option

With new regulations appearing in endurance racing we now have manufacturers like Audi, Acura, Peugeot and Porsche all entering the new hypercar/ LMDH class. This will be the first time Acura (Hondas Luxury brand) has had a proper attempt at Le Mans. Audi and Porsche return after dieselgate and Peugeot after leaving at the end of 2011.

What Do you think? To me, FORMULA 1 is now just pure entertainment. I don't see a purpose in competing in FORMULA 1 unless you're a supercar manufacturer. I see F1 going down the route of private teams as big names go after endurance or another option. So what do you think FORMULA 1 should do? To me going after another possible form of eco-friendly alternative like hydrogen might be a solution but unlikely. I believe a better option is going down the route of easing restrictions and letting teams innovate. How will we get another double or blown diffuser? Innovation is what makes FORMULA 1 so exciting so why not stop restricting them. Tell me what you think in the comments.

Note I'm an F1 fan ok. Please don't be mean in the comments PLEASE! Thanks :-)

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  • No, just no even though it's a challenge to finish second in the constructors

      1 month ago
  • I do think F1 has kind of lost it's way a little over the years as it has chased the 'entertainment' side of things - I would rather the authorities simply laid out the rule that, within defined parameters which included the requirement that innovations could have some real world use, the teams could do what they like with aero/engine etc provided they stayed within a defined budget figure.

      2 months ago
  • I completely agree. The modern rules have cut development massively, we’re in an era where if someone finds a huge advantage it just gets protested resulting in it being banned the next year or copied, most likely banned. That’s not progress or innovation. The most innervating thing recently is DAS! And it’s been banned for this year. It’s become too entertainment focused and yet it’s the most boring era in F1. I hope at least the new rules at least change that but I’m not hopeful.

      2 months ago
  • F1 has to conform to a very strict set of rules. The only variables are the ability to tweak the most out of designs within the rules, hire the best drivers, and manage the entire team to maximize its capabilities. If all this brings “entertainment “, so much the better, because without entertainment value, there would be no F1.

    For me, I would like to see F1 move to an unlimited category, much like CanAm of the 1960’s and early 70’s. There was much more variation of engines, platforms, bodies and aerodynamic assists. Of course, safety would have to be brought up to modern standards.

    F1 and the original CanAm Challenge Series (the so-called “no rules” series) coexisted from 1966 to 1974. With its wildly different cars and flamboyant drivers, CanAm was considered the greatest racing series ever.

    I had the privilege of seeing both series of races while living in Montreal, and nothing could match CanAm. Unfortunately, all racing series are now governed by a thick rule book of rules and regulations, so it would be difficult to move in the direction of a new, reborn CanAm.

      1 month ago
  • Yes

      2 months ago